UK LAUNCH - Free Bespoke Marketing Support!


Free Bespoke Marketing Support


We’re delighted to be able to promote the introduction of our FREE bespoke marketing support. Now available at all of our trade counters throughout the UK. This service is tried and tested, and helps our customers grow their businesses, and win more window, door, and conservatory installation jobs.

To qualify all you need to do is place an order of £150 or more! The only products that are exempt are glass, roofline and ancillaries.

What our marketing support consists of

With every order you place with your local Stevenswood trade counter, you will receive the following;

-          1 bespoke brochure

-          10 bespoke drop cards

-          1 bespoke maintenance guide and guarantee

The high quality 28 page brochure has an ‘about us’ section which you can customise to your business, as well as 3 styles to choose from, with loads of colour options. All items will have your logo and company details placed onto them, making them completely bespoke. You also get to choose the colour theme.

We’re proud to offer a service so bespoke, that if you’re one of our Scottish customers the brochure is specific to the fantastic VEKA products that are available in Scotland. Our English trade counters also provide bespoke brochures which reflect the products available there. With products like the VEKA reversible hinge window available in Scotland, and select English branches, it means that you won’t be promoting a product that you don’t sell!

How to set up marketing support


We’d love to get you set up to receive our free bespoke marketing. It’s really simple! When you are next in your local trade counter all you need to do is complete a ‘Marketing Support Setup Form’ – you can also download this and email it back to your branch if that would be easier. There are certain sections in the brochure that can be removed if you wish. This is handy if you don’t fit lantern roofs, or conservatories. We’d advise you to keep as much as possible in though, as this is a great way to build up your portfolio, with there being more demand for these products. We can help with fitting training, if you’re not 100% confident on certain products. Just ask for advice at your local branch.

When setting up your marketing, you will select a brochure style from 3 available to choose from, and then you can ask the branch to set you up with a specific colour theme. Most customers select a colour theme in line with their logo. If you don’t currently have a logo, we can help with that too – just ask your local trade counter and they will get in touch with our marketing team.

Once set up you will now have some really professional literature to go out to potential customers with. All free of charge too!

Marketing in time for your order arriving!

We have a fully integrated system, so that when an order is placed through our internal system, it sends it straight to our printers. If your local trade counter places your window, door or roof order on a Tuesday, the marketing support will arrive at the branch on the Thursday that week. This means that you will be able to collect this from the trade counter when you collect the products you’ve ordered.

For every order you place with us, you’ll get one set of marketing support; a maintenance guide and guarantee to give to the customer you’ve just finished the job for, 10 drop cards to distribute in the area you were working in, and 1 brochure to use with your next prospect.

Let our bespoke marketing help your business

As previously mentioned, we’ve been giving out free bespoke marketing for quite some time at some of our trade counters in England. We needed to get the perfect system and infrastructure in place before we could launch it throughout the UK. We’re pleased to have that ‘sorted’ now!

The bespoke marketing has helped grow hundreds of our customers businesses over the years. The high quality brochures, drop cards and maintenance guide and guarantee, mean our customers look super professional when going out to prospects. This helps beat the competition!

Speak to your local trade counter today regarding the set up of our free marketing support!

sarah penrose