About Us

Since Stevenswood began trading in 1997, our vision has remained the same. We want to give you a service that makes your life as easy as possible. Yes, we've developed over time, and our business model has evolved, but our values have remained the same. 

Provide tradespeople with excellent customer service and support, excellent product choice, easy ordering and quoting processes, and free delivery of an excellent quality product. That's been our goal since day one, and we feel now, more than ever that we're achieving this.

Our Trade Counter teams are dedicated to bringing you a service that's unbeatable. Helping your business grow is something we love, so we're constantly improving our service offering to support you. In recent years we've very proudly acquired some great businesses, which has allowed us to grow our service offering from Scotland, to throughout the UK.

Take a look at our timeline below, to see how we've become the business we are today!


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