French Doors

About French Doors

French doors have a classic design that suits most types of property. We supply REHAU Total70S, REHAU Total 70C, HALO System 10, HALO Rustique ,VEKA Matrix EUROCELL and REAL Aluminium inward or outward opening French doors to the trade.

Brands available in our French door range



REAL French doors is a high-performance product suitable for use in high traffic or exposed areas where a durable and reliable door is required.  Available as a single or double doors, both with internal beading.  Opening out or opening in.

Features and benefits of our REAL French doors

  • Multi-point locking

  • 2400mm maximum height

  • 900mm maximum width

  • 80kg maximum weight

  • 28mm double or triple-glazed or 36mm triple-glazed

  • 24mm doubleglazed units where bevelled astragal bar specified

  • Available in white, black, grey, grey exterior/white interior

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REHAU French doors are available in a full range of colours and finishes to match other windows and doors in your customer home. The extensive opening allows unrestricted access, maximum ventilation and practical entry to gardens and patios.

Features and benefits of REHAU French doors

  • French doors fitted with hook and roller locks

  • Slave and master doors have handles and full locking security as standard

  • Open outward doors fitted with restrictors

  • Offer more colour options with classic foils or RAL colour

* Available in England only




VEKA Imagine French door is unique due to the flush finish. Available in a wide choice of woodgrain and coloured foils, and designed for maximum security.

Features and benefits of our VEKA Imagine French door

  • Adjustable locks & shootbolts provides additional compression & security

  • Triple glazing ready – with sash weights handling up to 100kg

  • Choice of sculptured or bevelled sashes and glazing beads

  • Maximum sash width 1000mm

  • 5 chamber sash and 6 chamber outerframe for excellent thermal performance

  • Contemporary clean looks including slimmer sightlines and flush finish

  • Variations foils offer – available in a range of 19 coloured and woodgrain effect foil options

* *Available in Scotland only




HALO French doors offer a stylish solution with uninterrupted views and easy access to the outdoor areas

Features and benefits of our VEKA HALO French doors

  • Five fully enclosed chambers with an increased wall thickness offer additional product strength, rigidity and performance in addition to improved thermal efficiency

  • Profile measures 70mm / 62mm front to back, to ensure a direct replacement with timber windows with minimal trimming or finishing

  • Single leg beading has a simple ‘knock-in’ design that is fitter friendly and will make glazing on site quick, easy and more positive

  • Hardware and striker keeps are screwed into top hat fixing points and screw ports for an improved technical and enhanced security performance

*Available in England only




EUROCELL French doors are available in either chamfered or sculptured profile, using thermal inserts. They are internally beaded for high security.

  • 9 standard colours available on Logik 70S, 7 on Logik 70C – including on white options

  • 8 point high security hook locking system, 6 pin anti-drill cylinder

  • Low threshold options, 15mm aluminium for wheelchair access

  • Fully adjustable 3 directional suited door flag hinges “double knuckle”

*Available in England only