Clear Amber

Clear Amber

Clear Amber specializes in manufacturing plastic and aluminium extrusions, creating globally unique roofing, glazing and constructions systems, which give you a leading advantage. Our vision is to provide excellence in manufacturing, in plastics, aluminium and rubber extrusion, creating systems that provide significant benefits to the sectors we serve.

Products available in the Clear Amber range

Rehau Total70C pictured


Corrapol® Corrugated Sheets are manufactured to suit a wide variety of applications and offer differing extrusions for any budget.

Corrapol®-Stormproof - These are the strongest of our Corrugated Ranges, they are extruded from virtually unbreakable plastic resin which as well as strength offers excellent clarity and unrivalled weathering characteristics.

Corrapol®-BT - Corrugated Bitumen Sheets are manufactured in Black, Green, Red & Brown. Corrapol®-BT is waterproof and is designed for the roofing of sheds, garages, log stores etc.

Corrapol®-GRP & Corrapol®-PVC - Our budget level Clear Corrugated Sheet Ranges are ideal for DIY Projects, great low-cost option with great light transmission.

Features and benefits

  • Ranges to suit all Budgets

  • Lightweight

  • Ideal for DIY Projects

  • Easy Cut To Size

  • Simple Overlap

  • Fast & Easy to Install



Axiome® multiwall sheets are manufactured in Clear, Bronze tint or Opal tint options, with thickness options from 4mm – 35mm. Axiome® sheets are used in applications such as Lean To’s, Canopies, Walkways, Carports, Decking Covers, BBQ areas, Conservatories, Office Partitions etc. 

4mm & 6mm Twinwall - High Light Transmission, Best Bending Radius and commonly used as replacement panels for Greenhouses.

10mm Twinwall - Good Bending Radius, commonly used in small DIY Lean To’s. 

16mm Triplewall - Stronger Internal Structure than Twinwall with average insulation properties.

25mm Multiwall - Good Insulation properties and Good Structural Load Capacity.

35mm Multiwall - Higher Insulation Value and the Best Structural Load Capacity.

Features and benefits

  • Easy to Cut On Site

  • UV Stabilised

  • Good Thermal insulation

  • Lightweight

  • Excellent Fire Rating

  • Highly Weather Resistant



Axgard® is extruded from one of the most advanced polymers produced combining unique strength, transparency and proven durability. Axgard® is virtually as transparent as glass, 200 times stronger and less than half the weight of glass of the same thickness therefore classed as virtually unbreakable.  Axgard® is commonly used in vandal-prone areas, where security is at risk and also high impact applications. Axgard is available in thicknesses from 2mm all the way up to 12mm in Clear. We also manufacture Axgard® in Bronze, Opal, Patterned and Black to suit any glazing project or requirement. 

Features and benefits

  • High Impact Strength

  • Virtually Unbreakable

  • Good Fire Rating

  • UV Protected Both Sides

  • Easy To Cut On Site

  • Excellent Seal with Silicones



Snapa® is manufactured with a unique Snap-Fix Rafter Top Glazing Bar and is a low-cost budget glazing bar option. Snapa® works well with 10mm, 16mm, 25mm, 32mm & 35mm Axiome Polycarbonate Sheets, this is achieved with multiple click connection points and boasts a significant wall thickness providing a high level of strength and rigidity. Snapa® is very fast to install with an easy snap-fix connection and is ideal for smaller DIY Projects. The Snapa® range now includes a world-first Gable Bar solution giving a high-quality finish to the end rafter bar of any project roofing project.   

Features and benefits

  • Quick Snap Fix Fitting

  • Easy To Cut

  • Fast To Install

  • Great Aesthetics

  • Ideal for DIY Projects



Alukap®-XR is an extremely high-quality all-aluminium Rafter Supported Glazing Bar System with no plastic components, superior waterproofing and aesthetically pleasing. Alukap®-XR bars are designed so that they can be installed with concealed fixings. The Alukap®-XR system is suitable for a huge variety of applications and is available in two bar widths, plus a vast range of specialised bars such as wall bars, gable bars, hip bars and ridge bar systems. Alukap®-XR is manufactured in White or Brown as Standard, and also in any RAL colour to special manufacture order. 

Features and benefits

  • All Aluminium Components

  • Concealed Fixings

  • No Plastic Connections

  • Suitable to use with any Thickness of Glass or Polycarbonate Sheet

  • Suitable for any pitch of roof